Plan 2 Actual

In our opinion, mutual funds do not consistently outperform their established benchmark. Over the preceding ‘lost decade’ in the stock market, portfolio values today are about where they were nearly ten years ago. Investors cannot easily tell if they have achieved their expected rate of return or if they have enough money saved to meet their goals.  Why?  Because we believe, most financial plans are incomplete and poorly monitored.

P2A is the acronym we’ve given our industry-leading report included with every Portfolio Review.  Exclusive only to clients of Vandermeer Wealth Management, PLAN TO ACTUAL is the missing piece that helps investors to know definitively how their portfolio is performing according to their intended plan.  Clients who entrust their investments to our care receive a quarterly P2A update showing how the growth of their money for the preceding quarter has fared, compared to the goal given to us.

At Vandermeer Wealth Management, we believe in full, true and plain disclosure. You will receive our quarterly “P2A” report. This Plan To Actual report will compare your actual investment balance to the growth line (that includes your savings plan and our rate of return objective) we agreed upon when you engaged us. Each quarter you will know whether we are on track to reaching your goals.

If you do not have our P2A then you are not getting your money’s worth from your adviser.