Insurance & Life Planning

Wills and Powers of Attorney

Too many Canadians die intestate; leaving the Government to determine the distribution of their estate, and Governments charge to do that work! Lingering illness and loss of function also invite the Public Guardian to function for matters of health and personal finance, when an individual cannot and has not appointed a substitute. Not having valid wills and powers of attorney are some of the most expensive mistakes people make with their finances.

Long-Term Care Insurance

Also known as Living Care and if you are like most Canadians and have not considered Long Term Care in your retirement planning, you might want to think again! A survey of 1,000 Canadians aged 35-75 revealed these concerns about aging:

  • Deteriorating physical health: 67%
  • Loss of independence: 66%
  • Putting self or spouse in a care facility: 55%
  • Running out of money: 53%
  • Deteriorating mental health: 53%
  • Being a burden to the family: 51 %

(Source: 2007 survey by Market Probe Canada)

Individual, or shared coverage for couples are available.

Employee Group Health Benefits

Vandermeer Wealth Management is pleased to offer our business-owner clients, a customized Group Benefits Program tailored to satisfy your business’ goals and objectives. Our services go far beyond finding the lowest long-term costs for your company. Working together, we will be able to implement the right benefit coverage, effectively manage costs AND optimize the overall performance of your group benefits plan.

You can choose who you want to insure and how much insurance will meet your needs.

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