How We Manage Money

Our Core Values Drive Our Investment Process

We are active managers constantly looking for ways to improve how we manage our clients’ portfolios and we will do our best to utilize industry-leading, sophisticated platforms and investment models available to the individual and corporate investor. We believe our clients deserve this level of service.

Practically, we provide:

  • Full brokerage capabilities giving us access to the best direct investment selections from around the world,
  • A competitive fee structure
  • A transparent fee-based model (i.e. fixed percentage fee) where our compensation is fully reported to you on a monthly basis.  If your portfolio goes up, we get paid more… however, if your portfolio decreases, we get paid less. This is the way it should be!
  • No trading commissions and/or fees to find investments – so activity doesn’t pay us anything. In this way, you know the advice you receive isn’t due to some commission or sales pitch from your broker.
  • Unbiased investment advice – one asset type or investment doesn’t pay us any more than another so you know we’re not biased. Often fixed income investments will pay an adviser less than equities and therein lies an inherent bias for a broker to insist you remain ‘fully invested’ in the equity markets. This is where “buy and hold” and “stay in the market, it will get better” emanates from! We remove this compensation bias and so you know you are getting the best advice possible and it’s fully in your best interest.


While the definition of ‘nimble’ means our investment positioning can change at any time, currently we believe in a simple allocation to 1) Gold, silver and other precious and rare-earth metals and minerals, 2) high-quality stocks located in stable and solid countries (i.e. Canada, Australia, emerging markets, etc) and 3) very short-term fixed-income investments (to protect against defaults, sovereign debt crises, and rising interest rates) and real-return fixed income investments.[pullquote_DD span=”3″ align=”right”]We are constantly looking for ways to improve how we manage our clients’ portfolios[/pullquote_DD](to protect against monetary inflation and select asset-price inflation). A defensive posture is a must. However, we believe we can provide superior risk-adjusted returns for our clients.  In order to maintain purchasing power for our clients, we need to!

If you would like to see our current portfolio allocations or if you’d like to learn more about fee-based investing, please contact us to set up a time to meet.  We believe a face-to-face meeting is the best way to determine if there is a good ‘fit’ between us and if we can work together. We certainly hope there is… and it’s worth the ‘investment’ of your time to find out!

For our current market outlook and opinions, click here to read some recent publications.

If you would like to get started and would like us to manage your portfolios, please contact us. You can prepare for meeting with us by completing our Client Questionnaire and Investment Strategy Questionnaire.