Our Core Values

Trust: financial advice you can trust.

Investment markets can be a dangerous place as volatility increases and media noise and distraction abounds. Further, the recency of significant market corrections has induced fear into investors. Many are asking if a market crash happen again. Others wonder if they will be able to attain my goals. Are there big risks? Yes. Are there opportunities? Absolutely.

There is no doubt the world is awash in un-repayable debt. Economic growth in developed countries has and will continue to be severely constrained by the unsupportable debt accumulated at all levels (personal, corporate and especially governmental). Despite unprecedented central bank involvement, we believe that market crashes like the one in 2008 will very likely be repeated, due to the unresolved structural issues at hand.

Many investors are inappropriately positioned and not well-equipped to face this storm.

At Vandermeer Wealth Management, our high quality, continuous research; our discretionary portfolio management credentials; our disciplined investment selection process and scientific asset allocation framework has consistently delivered safe returns, avoided substantial losses and limits volatility.

Costs: investors need to know more about fees.

In our experience, most investors don’t really know what it costs to manage their money or what they are actually paying. The reason is that, in many cases, fees are obscure, uncertain and hidden. High fees have hobbled investor returns and in too many cases, investors remain unaware.[pullquote_DD span=”3″ align=”right”]We have done a lot of research and do our best to find the most suitable investments[/pullquote_DD]

We have done a lot of research in this regard and do our best to find the most suitable investments – from the lowest cost ETF’s, to stocks and bonds, and to actively managed funds that truly deliver value, after fees are levied. As the sayings go, “A penny saved is a penny earned” but also “You get what you pay for” and we try to combine both of these philosophies into our investment research. As such, we don’t believe wholeheartedly in transaction charges (i.e. commissions), acquisition fees and surrender charges as they erode returns and breed mistrust & uncertainty between investors and advisers and the financial industry as a whole.

At Vandermeer Wealth Management, our preferred approach is our transparent fee model where the costs are based solely on the market value of your portfolio. This exclusively offers investors the best value for money. The amount you pay for money management is at all times clearly evident and fully disclosed. Further, the fee percentage decreases as the value of your portfolios increase – the more your money grows, the lower your percentage fee levy becomes.

Progress: if you do not have our P2A then you are not getting your money’s worth from your adviser.

Investors cannot easily tell if they have achieved their expected rate of return or if they have enough money saved to meet their goals.  Why?  In many cases it is because an investor doesn’t have a financial plan to track to or that financial plan is incomplete and poorly monitored. In other cases, it’s because the reporting received is quite poor and inadequately conveys this information.

At Vandermeer Wealth Management, we believe in full, true and plain disclosure. You will receive our proprietary “P2A” report. This P2A (Plan To Actual) report will compare your actual investment balance to the growth line (that includes your savings plan and rate of return objectives) we agreed upon when you engaged us. You will know, at a glance, whether you are on track to reaching your goals. If we are above the plan line, great news and we rest secure…  If we are below the plan line, we’ll know that we have to take action!


Our core values allow us to be 100% aligned with your best interests. If you make money, we make money and get to keep our job. If you don’t, at best we get a financial haircut, just like you. This puts us on the same side of the table as you.

With Vandermeer Wealth Management, your investments will be suitably and safely structured for your goals and risk tolerances all within the framework of the times we find ourselves in. They will be managed with a transparent, efficient and fair fee structure. As a client, you’ll receive the timely information you need to make an informed decision about the success of your investments, and your adviser: us!