Can I retire?

From the desk of Erin Gendron... At the beginning of the year, over 1500 randomly selected Canadians were polled on their retirement goals and expectations. How do your retirement goals and savings stack up against these findings? Not quite sure if you’re on track? Read on and let us help! 4 Practical tips to help you [...]
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Will You Be Ready for Retirement?

Recently we found some interesting articles regarding saving for retirement and whether Canadians are preparing and will have enough savings to support them in their retirement.  We at Vandermeer Wealth Management find it interesting that depending on who does the research the information provided could be quite different. Some suggest Canadians are on track, while […]

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Keys to a Comfortable Retirement

Can You Survive on 2.9% of your Retirement Fund? Executive Summary: Many of my clients are nearing or are currently in some form of retirement. If you are at this stage of life, sustaining your targeted income stream is extremely important. The challenge is how you will do this in an unprecedented era of low […]

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