Stay the Course

Following the US election results, we would like to share some research on the impact this may have on markets and the economy.

We also want to remind you about our investment philosophy and what that means in terms of portfolio management strategy during times like this:

As high-conviction, long-term investors, we do not change our process or philosophy in response to elections or other short-term events; we believe investors would be well-served not to do so either. In our view, the approach we take holds true no matter which party is in office:

  • Work with us to build a diversified portfolio designed to meet your long-term needs, and stick to your plan over time.
  • Update the plan when your needs change, and don’t abandon it due to market volatility — after all, volatility often presents the opportunity for investors to buy quality stocks at cheaper prices.
  • Discuss any fears or concerns with us.


While we don’t change our approach due to politics, we will certainly continue to keep a close eye on Washington over the coming months and will assess any ramifications of the incoming administration’s policy goals for the US economy, global markets in general and certain market sectors in particular. This may result in moving our tactical weighting to the US up or down in our model portfolios.

Thank you for partnering with us. We sincerely appreciate it.