Our team’s designations are of the highest standards of practicing professionals.  We are experienced professionals helping clients deal with various personal financial planning requirements.

Partnering to attain your investment goals, involves knowing you better. A good assessment defines your risk appetite and tolerance, and provides a basis for determining your portfolio.

We are constantly looking for ways to improve how we manage our clients’ portfolios and we will do our best to utilize industry-leading, sophisticated platforms and investment models available to the retail and corporate investor.

P2A is  our industry-leading report included with every Portfolio Review.  Exclusive only to  our clients, PLAN TO ACTUAL is the missing piece that helps investors know definitively how their portfolio is performing.

Why choose us?

Why Vandermeer Wealth Management is who you should consider.

Who we are?

  • We manage investments and broker excellent products available to an investor today,
  • We create custom financial plans*,
  • We address the risk of not achieving these plans by providing a broad range of insurance* and care years planning services,
  • We assist with estate planning and we coordinate with our clients’ lawyers to ensure seamless advice, and
  • We analyze and recommend tax minimization strategies and we work with our clients’ accountants to effect proper tax planning.

Our mission

Working with Vandermeer Wealth Management:

  • Results in growing investments, after inflation, even while markets remain dangerous
  • Provides an active, discretionary-trading model portfolio manager platform*
  • Offers transparent, performance-based investor fees*
  • Visually shows if you’re on track to achieve your goals with our unique reports

*commission-based accounts are available for clients

Our Objective

To provide stable, consistent and positive risk-adjusted returns all within the context of the ongoing debt crisis, zero interest rate environment, money printing, and ever-increasing volatility in stock markets. We are confident our portfolio selections and active management style which is disciplined and focused on downside protection, will produce returns that help achieve your goals in the long-term.

“Rule No. 1 : Never lose money. Rule No. 2 : Never forget Rule No. 1.” Warren Buffett

Latest News & Commentary

Market commentary and other thoughts of interest.

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